Dr.Tincie Lynch

TM Lynch Ministries


The mission of TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. is to win souls to the Kingdom of God with relative and wise methodologies of contemporary design without deviating from the Holy Scriptures. Second, TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. serves as a vehicle to Renew, Refresh, and Restore leaders that labor in the vineyard by teaching the art of leadership and facilitating training sessions in an effort to strengthen the spiritual fitness of their ministry assistants.

Additionally, TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. aims to pray for those in hopeless situations via the channel of a 24 hour 9-1-1 prayer line.

Vision:The vision of TM Lynch Ministries, Inc. is to:

1. Spread the Good News of Our Lord and Savior throughout the United States of America and abroad.

2. To win souls to the Kingdom of God without compromise and delay.

3. To preach, teach, and train leaders to take authority in claiming their rightful places within the Kingdom of God through the development of a curriculum anointed and designed by the Lord that will provide them with the competence pertinent to accomplishing the mission for which God has called them.

visit us on the web https://www.drtmlynchministries.org