Bishop Bette Funn

Mobile Church Ministries
Vision of Mobile Church Ministries, INC.
Mobile Church Ministries, Incorporated is a Christian faith-based non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, whose goal is to reach out beyond the walls of the church to souls in need of a Savior. The primary purpose is to provide for the spiritual, social, psychological, emotional, and physical needs of those in the community who are seeking God for a deeper commitment and who desire to be a part of a closely knit family. Our present efforts concentrate on the dissemination of the Word of God, which includes a Sunday School, a Bible Class, Intercessory Prayer, Sunday morning worship, and fellowship services. Additionally, Missions are an essential part of the church to meet the needs of others; both foreign and domestic, especially the homeless, sick, the incarcerated, and those who are bound by addictions such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, fornication, and adultery.
All people are welcomed to Mobile Church and membership is encouraged upon receiving Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The church’s primary concern is to love God’s people.
The church will ultimately provide an educational program to prepare the indigent for productive reentry into the workforce, as well as providing food, clothing, housing, and childcare. Future plans include a computer training school for the unskilled; a Bible College for those who desire the pursuit of biblical studies; a food distribution center and cafeteria for the needy; a clothing store; and apartments for needy families.